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“A balanced diet? A cookie in each hand!”

My name is Diana Flontas. I wish I could tell you that I come from a long line of bakers and I got initiated in baking cookies by my mom, fascinated by the way she rolled the dough since I was a little girl. The truth is that while my mom made a lot of cakes and pastries for us, she never baked a cookie in her life. My “calling “ came while I was selling a filled bread through Whole Foods. I was looking to make something that would satisfy my need to be creative and have fun at the same time and I found just the thing. I started with plain shortbread cookies that I sold through gourmet stores and then I went to decorated ones that I find extremely expressive. There’s a cookie for anything you might want to say, from “ I love you “ to” I’m sorry”. So here I am and here you are. I really hope you will find what you are looking for and if you don’t, please email me and I will help you get what you need. We can always customize, add a name, find a certain shape or color.


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